5 Rhode Islanders Who Dressed EXACTLY Like Their Surroundings 

Ever wear an outfit that seems to blend perfectly with your surroundings? You know, like a printed top that’s nearly identical to wallpaper? Or maybe you’ve thrown on some shoes and noticed they’re the same color as the carpet you’re standing on. Sometimes your outfit matches your surroundings so well, you can hardly spot yourself in a photo! *Giggle!*

Here are 5 Rhode Islanders who arrived at their destination, only to look exactly like it!
Check out the pics and captions below:

Jessie went to Colt State Park a week ago and ended up wearing grass-colored pants and a foliage top with tree branches sticking out of it! Oh, Jessie!
Dave stopped by Thomas Street in Providence recently and was dressed to the nines! Check out his brick cobblestone loafers, window-inspired pants and wood shingled button-down shirt. Dave’s a superstar!
Leave it to Sheila!
Haley and her URI classmates went down to the beach for some lunch, but Haley wore her favorite Yellow Road Paint Lines dress from TJMAX. Isn’t she stunning?!
Ralph’s bench-themed pants and cloudy “skyline” printed jacket really helps set the mood for spring. You go get ’em, Ralph!

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