Terrible Twos: Happy Birthday, LOL RI!

Happy Birthday LOL RI

Well, it’s that time of year again: you know, the one that comes every year, but still only once a year. Uh, wait. What?

LOL RI is now two-years-old! Yeah, Birthdays!

Now that we’re officially toddler-level huge, we’d like to make one overtly predictable and cheesy Birthday request: keep on reading! LOL RI could not be more grateful for the continued enthusiasm, interest and readership earned over the past two years. It makes us happy to make you laugh! (And if we can’t make you laugh, we’ll settle for mildly annoying you. You’re welcome.)

The last year has seen a lot of progress. Thousands and thousands more viewers read LOL RI, some even taking what they read here literally. More importantly, we’ve gone from Po-Dunk WordPress Basic Nobodies to a more polished version of WordPress Basic Nobodies. Hooray! As we continue to innovate a genre of “hyper-local satire,” we appreciate your continued support, not to mention embracing our intentionally unprofessional graphics. That really helps, guys.

Anywho, thanks for sticking with us. We couldn’t have done it without you. Yes, we’re talking to you! Right there! YOU! (We’ve partnered with the NSA and can totally see you right now. Seriously, put some clothes on. Christ…)

To celebrate our Super Toddler status, here are our 5 favorite pieces published in our second year. Click on each piece, to be transported to worlds of snarky magic:

Cecil The Lion Remembered

Joe’s Restaurant Closes in Providence Place Mall

Area Man Shovels Slush to Avoid Family

5 Rhode Islanders Who Dressed Exactly Like Their Surroundings

Middle-Aged Woman’s Use of Emojis Just Too Adorable



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