Such Inspiration, Such Elegance.


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Blizzard Considers Forgoing Rhode Island in Favor of More Renowned States

PROVIDENCE, R.I.–Meteorologists are cautiously hopeful Rhode Island will not be impacted by this weekend’s potentially heavy blizzard, as it may focus instead on other states able to boost its brand. Nicholas Verda of the National Weater Service stressed the importance of brand-messaging for blizzards, especially when it comes to debut storms of a new year. “Branding is everything now, […]

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Chafee Declares ‘War on Bedtime Monsters’

  WARWICK, R.I.–Hoping to recast himself as a serious contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee declared a ‘War on Bedtime Monsters’ Monday afternoon. The Rhode Island political fixture participated in last week’s Democratic Primary debate, holding a baby’s bottle in one hand and plastic teething rings in the […]

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On June 18th, LOL RI will celebrate one whole year of bringing you the Rhode Island you don’t see and probably never wanted to! Check back for special guests and content! Thanks for sharing our satirical nonsense for all these…errr, this year! ___________________________________________ Do you have a special birthday message you’ d like to wish LOL? Send it […]

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