This Eye Test Will BLOW YOUR MIND! What Do You See, a Horse or Something Else? 

The Internet is abuzz lately with optical illusions. From panda hunting among snowmen to discerning between a rabbit or a duck, there’s plenty of ways to test your eyes and mind.  Some have called this the most difficult optical illusion test in human history, and now it’s Rhode Island’s chance to try it out.  Some […]

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Blizzard Considers Forgoing Rhode Island in Favor of More Renowned States

PROVIDENCE, R.I.–Meteorologists are cautiously hopeful Rhode Island will not be impacted by this weekend’s potentially heavy blizzard, as it may focus instead on other states able to boost its brand. Nicholas Verda of the National Weater Service stressed the importance of brand-messaging for blizzards, especially when it comes to debut storms of a new year. “Branding is everything now, […]

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Joe’s Closing: WaterFire Sent Entire Staff to Mental Hospitals

PROVIDENCE, R.I.–The entire staff of Joe’s American Bar & Grill has been committed to a series of mental hospitals, after working through one-too-many nearby Waterfire events. The restaurant’s location in the Providence Place Mall made Joe’s a magnet for many WaterFire attendees. The restaurant became so busy during the seasonal festivities, countless workers were sent to mental health facilities across the region. […]

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Area Man Shovels Slush to Avoid Family

COVENTRY, R.I.— As residents statewide brace for the possibility of another harsh winter, one Rhode Island man is hoping for more snow–a lot more. During Monday’s light dusting, Coventry resident Jack LaPlant was seen by neighbors to be aggressively shoveling the same patch of sidewalk for roughly three hours, all to avoid spending time with his family. LOL RI arrived […]

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Humpback: I Only Swung by to Give These Folks Something to Talk About

  NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I.–The humpback whale spotted in Narragansett Bay Monday has confessed that her presence in Rhode Island was nothing more than an act of charity for an otherwise disenchanted populous. LOL RI caught up with the sea-dwelling mammal via Skype on Tuesday afternoon, as she made her way to the southern hemisphere. The whale, whose name is […]

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LOL RI’s 5 Best Pieces of 2015

2015 was one for the record books. LOL RI celebrated its one-year anniversary, was named one of 5 Great Rhode Island Blogs by Rhode Island Monthly, launched a sister site and gained thousands more readers across the U.S. and globe. (Brazil sure does love this for some reason.) Throughout it all, 5 pieces stood out as representing the original voice of LOL […]

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Chafee Declares ‘War on Bedtime Monsters’

  WARWICK, R.I.–Hoping to recast himself as a serious contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee declared a ‘War on Bedtime Monsters’ Monday afternoon. The Rhode Island political fixture participated in last week’s Democratic Primary debate, holding a baby’s bottle in one hand and plastic teething rings in the […]

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